Render form in Kiosk Mode to auto reset after submission

WPEForm has the feature to automatically reset a form after a successful submission. This is useful when you are running your form inside a kiosk. Some usage example would be

  • Restaurant kiosk feedback form - demo.
  • Shopping kiosk rating form - demo.
  • Store contact kiosk form - demo.

etc. Here's a live form. Submit it, wait for 5 seconds and see for yourself what happens.

Turning on Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode
Form Kiosk Mode
  • Go to Design & Behavior KIOSK MODE.
  • Enable the kiosk mode.
  • Set a reset time. A value between 5 and 10 seconds work good.
  • Set a reset message. You can put a special recall value Reset Timer to show remaining seconds before the reset.

Now your form will reset after a successful submission, ready to take another submission.