Add and configure Button Element in WPEForm

Button elements are used to navigate between pages or open a link. With this element you can add multiple buttons which can be aligned to your preferences.


Buttons screenshot
Buttons screenshot

Go to BUTTONS from config and click on the NEW BUTTON.

  • Label - Text shown inside the button.
  • Icon - Icon used inside the button, beside the text.
  • Icon position - Whether to place the icon before or after the text.
  • Link - What to do when the button is clicked. More information below.

There are two types of links for the button.


Any link starting with http or https will be treated as an anchor link and will take to the specified URL. You can change how links are opened by going to ATTRIBUTES and changing the Open link in configuration.

Attributes screenshot
Attributes screenshot

When the following strings are placed in the Link config, navigation actions are performed. The buttons will automatically disable itself or animated based on context.

  • #wpeform-prev - Go to the previous page.
  • #wpeform-submit - Submit the form. Will animate when the form is submitting.
  • #wpeform-next - Go to the next page.


Styles screenshot
Styles screenshot

Go to the Style configuration to change how buttons appear.