Add and configure pages in the form builder

WPEForm has first-class support for multi-paged forms. Long forms are often confusing for end-users. So it is recommended to split your forms into multiple pages. WPEForm makes this easy by providing you all the tools needed to make beautiful multi-paged forms out of the box.

Form Pages Interface

On the very top you see the pages interface.

Form pages interface
Form pages interface of WPEForm
  • Drag and drop where the icon is, to rearrange the pages.
  • Click on the Dropdown for management.
    1. CONFIGURE - Change page title, subtitle, icon, add timer, make the whole page hidden initially etc.
    2. DUPLICATE - Duplicate this page and all the elements inside it.
    3. ADD BEFORE/AFTER - Add a new page before or after this page.
    4. DELETE - Delete this page. Put all form elements inside the elements pool.
  • NEW PAGE BUTTON - Click to add a new page after all the pages.

Re-arrange form pages

Rearrange Form pages
Rearrange Multi page form pages

As shown in the image above, click on the drag handler (on left) of the form page. Then drag and drop into desired position.

Configuring Page settings

You can either double click on the page title, or click on the dropdown menu CONFIGURE to access the page configuration window.

Form Page Configuration
Form Page Configuration
  • Page title - This one shows up as the primary title of the page.
  • Page subtitle - Shows up below the title. You can keep it blank to hide it.
  • Page icon - Choose one fontawesome icon for decoration. You can clear the icon to hide it.
  • Initially hidden - If selected, then this page and all it's elements are hidden initially. Those can be shown based on some form condition. Please refer to the conditional logic section for more information.
  • Page timer - This shows up, if you have enabled Page Based timer from Settings Timer (Available in Starter plan). Give number of seconds to wait, before automatically navigating to the next page.
If you cannot see the Page timer section, you are on the Free plan. Please upgrade to at-least Starter plan to access the Timer feature and more. All our plans are inclusive of all features as mentioned and there is no paid add-ons or hidden costs.

Once you are done, click on the SAVE button to save your changes.

Next please see how to configure elements in the form.