About the people behind WPEForm

Thank you for visiting our About page. Right now, development of WPEForm is an one man army. But that doesn't mean I will compromise in quality (let's talk in first person, since it's just me).

Hi, I am Swashata a seasoned WordPress and JavaScript developers. The reason I started developing WPEForm is to explore newer technologies and see how it can benefit WordPress users. I had already developed a top selling product at codecanyon, but I started it many years back and it wasn't really modern.

So around in 2018, I thought about learning the newer technologies and see how it eases the life of our customers. I learnt GraphQL, modern JavaScript, TypeScript, React and immediately fell in love with those technologies. I even made a tool called wpack.io to help bridge the gap between WordPress and modern front-end tooling.

Goal of WPEForm

After spending 1 year in learning, in 2019, I started developing WPEForm. I had three distinct goal in mind.

  • Backend should be GraphQL API based.
  • Front-end should be a React application written in TypeScript.
  • Must be fast and very responsive.

Two and a half years later, WPEForm is born. I would love for you to give WPEForm a try and give me feedback. Even if you are using the free version, I promise you this: The app will look and feel very modern and your users will love to submit your forms.

I Need your Help!

WPEForm is in it's infancy. With the support of YOU, we can really deliver something valuable. Please share WPEForm with your friends and family. If possible, give a shoutout at social medias. It would really mean the world to me. And hey, thank you very much 😃.

That's all there is to now. Do remember to check our examples and if you've already used WPEForm, don't forget to browse our docs.

Catch you later 👍.

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