WPEForm wouldn't have been possible without the following resources, software or services.


WPEForm is written in several languages of Web Technologies.

  1. PHP - Powers WordPress and naturally WPEForm backend.
  2. TypeScript - All front-end code is written in TypeScript or JavaScript.
  3. MySQL - The Database used by WordPress and naturally WPEForm.
  4. CSS - The language used for styling the web.
  5. HTML - The web's markup language.


WordPress is the foundation of WPEForm. Nothing would have been possible without the power and open-ness of the best CRM software of this planet.

PHP Dependencies

The following PHP dependencies are used (but not limited to) in making WPEForm.

JavaScript Dependencies

The following JavaScript dependencies are used (but not limited to) in making WPEForm.

  • React - A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Ant Design - A design system for enterprise-level products. Create an efficient and enjoyable work experience.
  • styled components - Use the best bits of ES6 and CSS to style your apps without stress 💅🏾.
  • react-spring - bring your components to life with simple spring animation primitives.
  • fontawesome - the web's most popular icon set and toolkit.

Build Tools

  • is used for front-end builds.
  • Strauss is used for bundling PHP dependencies with prefixed namespaces and classnames.

The WPEForm logo is designed by Amitavo Ghosh. Who also happens to be my brother. If you have any design work, do give him a ping.


Two musics are used from pixabay in making WPEForm tutorial and intro videos.

  1. Logo Intro Music by sscheidl from Pixabay.
  2. Background Music by Music by Wataboi from Pixabay

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