Powerful conditional logic with recallable user inputs

Make any WPEForm form interactive by dynamically recalling user input or showing/hiding fields based on conditional logic. You can even dynamically set value of any form elements.
Powerful conditional logic with recallable user inputs
Recall Values

Recall Values

Recall user input on any label or option or anywhere in your form.

Show/Hide elements or Page

Show/Hide elements or Page

Show or hide any sets of elements based on the values of other form elements.

Set dynamic value

Set dynamic value

Automatically set value of a form element based on conditional logic.

Interactive Forms

Any form builder is useless without logical steps. WPEForm treats conditional logic as first-class citizen. With our system you can

  1. Show or hide individual form elements or groups or pages;
  2. Set value of other elements;

depending on the value (or values) of the source element.

The logical system is split into two things:

  1. Events - You choose combination (with AND or OR operators) of events.
  2. Consequences - If the event was successful, you fire up consequences.

Combine any set of events and fire any set of consequences. The possibilities are end-less. This is very useful if you are looking to

  1. Show up a field if user clicks on certain options.
  2. Give a discount coupon if user has selected high tier price.
  3. Only show a big set of questionnaires if user has checked a checkbox. Very useful for long forms.
  4. Give coupon information with Heading & Article element if user has given contact information.

and much more.

Combine the conditional logic with the ability to recall user input on anywhere and you've got truly interactive form. Do check the example form to see what more you can do with our interactive system.

Start building beautiful forms!

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