Faster and reactive form builder to get you started in minutes

Built with a TypeScript/React front-end and a GraphQL API backend, speed has been the primary focus of our form builder. We want you to focus on the form, not the tooling.
Drag n Drop Editing

Drag n Drop Editing

Truly No-code experience to create your forms. Focus on the form, not the code.

Live Form Preview

Live Form Preview

See the form right beside the builder. No need to change context.



All configurations come with sane defaults, so you are never overwhelmed.

Modern Intuitive Form Builder

Our form builder is the first of its kind for WordPress. It built on top of a GraphQL API with TypeScript/React. We want the form builder to be super fast and intuitive. You spend more time building your forms, not fighting the Form Builder.

  • Add any number of pages or tabs to the form.
  • Add any number of elements to the page.
  • Align form elements in columns of custom sizes on different breakpoints.
  • Easily access form settings from sidebars.

Getting started is as simple as adding an element and modifying it's configuration. You can very easily rearrange elements and even drag and drop them to a different page.

The form itself is shown live, right along-side the builder. So you know exactly what you are working with. Any changes you make in the builder, is shown immediately on the live preview.

Once you are done with the form, take a final look by clicking on the preview button and you are ready to publish.

We hope you like the form builder as much as we do. Start creating your next form today, with WPEForm.

Install now and see for yourself. Our whole powerful form builder is available from the FREE plan. We didn't put any performance feature behind paywall.

Start building beautiful forms!

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