Adding and managing categories for your Forms

Categories play some important role in WPEForm.

Filter Form By Category
Filter Forms by Category
  • You can filter forms by categories in the Forms administrator page.
  • You can filter submissions by categories in the Submissions administrator page.
  • Your users can filter their submissions by categories through the User Portal Page.
User Portal Filter Submissions by Category
Category in User Portal

Let us see how to manage categories with WPEForm.

Creating a new category in WPEForm

Create new category in WPEForm
Add New Category

Go to WPEForm Category and click on the ADD NEW button.

Category Form
Category Form

Enter a title and description and click on the Add Category button.

Now your category is created.

Browse and Manage Categories

Category Listing in WPEForm
Category Listing

Go to WPEForm Category.

Here you will see a list of categories you or other administrators have created.

  • Click on the View All Forms button to view all forms by that category.
  • Click on the Edit button to edit the details of the category.
  • Click on the Trash button to move the category to trash.

Permanently deleting a category

From WPEForm Category click on the TRASHED view.

Permanently Delete Category in WPEForm
Delete Category

Here you will see all the categories you've trashed. Now you can either Untrash them or Delete them permanently.