Publishing form on your WordPress posts or pages

Now that we've created our form, we would like to publish it to the world. We will explore three ways we can publish.

All WPEForm forms comes with basic landing pages. The link of the landing page can be found as below.

Form Landing Page Link
Form Landing Page
  1. Go to WP Admin WPEForm Forms.
  2. Click on the VIEW button on the form card you want to share.
  3. This will open up the form in a new tab.
  4. Copy the URL of the form and share it with the world.

If you have pretty permalink enabled, the form link will look something like this.

The slug starter-purchase-product-with-addons is generated automatically from the name of the form.

If you do not have pretty permalink, then the form landing page link will something like this.

Embed form with Block Editor

WPEForm comes with block editor support.


Simply create a page or post where you want to share the form.

Searching WPEForm Block
Search for WPEForm in Blocks

Now click on the Add Block button and search for WPEForm.


Select WPEForm - Insert Form from the list.

Selecting Form in Block
Select Form to Embed

Select the form you want to embed.

The form should show up on the page. You can also add other blocks or anything on the page along with the form.

Embed form with shortcode

If you are not using the block editor, you can also use shortcode to embed forms. We have supplied a shortcode generator for the classic WordPress editor.

Selecting WPEForm Shortcode Generator
WPEForm Shortcode Generator

Select the WPEForm - Shortcodes button from the classic editor.

Using WPEForm Shortcode Generator
Insert Shortcode

Select Insert a form as purpose. Then select the form you'd like to embed. Now click on the INSERT SHORTCODE button.

This will a shortcode like below on the page.

1[wpeform_form id="142"]


You can change the value of id attribute to change the form. Or you can delete the shortcode and start again.

These are the built-in ways to publish or embed a form. Stay tuned while we add support for third-party popular page builders.

If you are using any page builder, kindly use the shortcode to embed forms.