Add and configure Address Element in WPEForm

Address element is very useful for collecting full shipping/billing address from your users. It has built-in support for Address lines, Country, State, City and Zip codes. You can customize to include only the fields you want and change their labels.

Changing which fields to show up and labels

Interface Screenshot
Interface Screenshot

From INTERFACE you can modify the fields shown in the form element. You can optionally show or hide any fields. The country and state fields are linked. We have gathered a most up-to-date database from github which we use.

Restricting countries selection

Under the same interface tab, you can restrict the countries your users can select. It can be one or multiple and only those will show up in the form element.

Prefil And Default Values

From ATTRIBUTES you can set a default value and URL/META based prefils. Here is an example of URL parameter based prefil.

Attributes Screenshot
Attributes Screenshot

With the above settings, you can navigate to the URL with ?addressfieldOne=Some+street+address to have the Address line one field prefilled with Some street address. It is important to add prefixes after the specified key, like address{fieldOne}, address{city} etc. Here are the list of prefixes:

  • fieldOne - For Address line one.
  • fieldTwo - For Address line two.
  • country - For Country field.
  • state - For State field.
  • city - For City field.
  • zip - For Zip field.

The same logic is used for user metakey. If you specify userAddress as the metakey, then userAddresscountry is used for country look up etc.


Address field doesn't have any score functionality.

Numeric Value

Address field doesn't have any numeric value.

Conditional Event

Only value based conditional events are allowed.

  1. EQUAL TO - Will be true only when ALL the user entered field matches exactly with the given value. It ignores empty values from the event.
  2. CONTAINS - Will be true when SOME of the user entered field contains the event value. It also ignores empty values from the event.