Add and configure Single Checkbox Element in WPEForm

Single checkbox is great for on/off type user input. Use it to take user consent on your terms and conditions or acknowledgements.

Changing Labels and Icon

The icon used in Checkbox can be changed from INTERFACE. The label of the checkbox is the title of the form element (accessible from APPEARANCE).

Prefil and Defaults

From ATTRIBUTES you can set default values and URL/META based prefils. Here is an example of URL parameter based prefil.

With the above settings, you can navigate to the URL with ?cb=true then the checkbox will be enabled by default. The value can be either of the followings:

  • true - Set the checkbox element enabled.
  • false - Set the checkbox element disabled.

Any other value is rejected and falls back to the default value.

For meta based prefil, the user metadata must have a value that matches with the active/inactive label of the element.


Single Checkbox element allows for automated score. The value can be compared with the user input.

  1. EQUAL TO - Works when user input is same as given value (either selected or unselected).


When the checkbox element is enabled, it has a numeric value of 1, otherwise it is 0.


Only VALUE based events are considered. It can either be EQUAL TO the selected state or unselected state (just like score).