Add and configure Sortable Element in WPEForm

Let the user sort a list of items. Especially useful for quizzes and asking for preferences.


Interface Screenshot
Interface Screenshot

Go to INTERFACE tab and from there you can add as many items to the list you want. By default, the items will appear in the order you have added. You can also enable Shuffle items option to shuffle the initial order of items.


From ATTRIBUTES you can set the default value through the UI.

Attributes Screenshot
Attributes Screenshot

NOTE: If you change the sortable items from interface, the default value is discarded and you have to set it up again. This is also true for score comparison value and consequence value (setup through conditional logic). If you do not set up the value again, the the original order is used.


Sortable items allows for automated scoring. A condition is regarded true if the order you've entered matches the order given by the user. There is only EQUAL TO comparison for sortable.


Sortable item does not have any numeric value.


Just like score, a conditional event is considered true if it matches the order you've given.

NOTE: If you change the sortable items from interface, then you have to update the conditional logic again. Else the default order is considered true.